Pulp and Paper

Our solution can be applied to all vehicles and machinery, from log extraction all the way to the lumber yard. Mitigate the risk of accidents and gain more eyes over your operation.


Efficient mobile asset management is essential for the success of any business that counts on its employees being on the move. Keep track, oversee your fleet and ensure safe travels for those on the road.

Transport & Logistics

Our tool will allow you to deter undesired driver behavior behind the wheel. This prevents accidents, saves lives, and protects valuable assets, considerably improving performance.


Safety hazards are abundant and will often lead to serious injuries in mining operations. Heavy materials, large vehicles, and tight spaces contribute to this reality, and it is crucial to ensure employee safety. Our solution can be applied to any vehicle and help improve safety standards.

Oil and Gas

Safety becomes an even greater necessity as enterprises become more delicate. We offer solutions that ensure much safer operations for companies working with volatile materials.

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