GoAwake has the fleet management know-how in its roots. GoAwake is a startup that develops image and video system solutions based on artificial intelligence to ensure people’s safety and mobility management

Global Venture Program Award

GoAwake is mentored by Global Venture Award and is based in Research Park at Florida Atlantic – Boca Raton. The company develops innovative solutions that will help to reduce traffic accidents.


Video monitoring and driveability control
Drowsiness and distraction detection

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Comprehensive video monitoring solutions and other projects

Our solutions use powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to monitor vehicles and drivers in real time. We focus on video detection of inappropriate situations, driver alerts and image capture and transmission to the GoAwake Safety Center, where images are analyzed and acted upon according to instructions received from the customer.

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    GoAwake – United States

     3651 FAU Boulevard #400, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States