What we do

GoAwake provides fleet safety and management solutions through in-cab devices connected to our integrated cloud-based platform.

We apply artificial intelligence to detect signs of driver drowsiness and distraction, including cell phone use, cigarette use, and general inattentiveness.

Our system efficiently mitigates risk on the road and provides managers with key information about their fleet.

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How we do it

Eyes on the road! By tracking eye and head movement, eyelid patterns, and the presence of objects, our device is able to efficiently detect drowsiness, cell phone and cigarette use, and general inattentiveness.

Drivers are instantly alerted through sound and voice messages, while managers are notified through our online platform, where they can access images and key information about alerts in real-time.

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Track vehicle location and driver behavior
Increase driver safety
Decrease accidents and maintenance costs
Reduce traffic tickets and insurance costs
Enhance fleet management

Develop better driving habits

Trained experts dedicated 24/7 to keeping drivers safe

Our technology detects, analyzes, and classifies incidents by type and risk level. In addition to this, our dedicated 24/7 Control Center further verifies alerts and decides the appropriate course of action, according to each client’s specifications.


Facial recognition
Real time images
Sound and voice alerts
Driver app
Online platform to access alerts, images and data reports
24/7 in-house safety center

See into your fleet!

We process and compile data directly from drivers and vehicles. Use this valuable information to better protect your employees and your business!

Keep your drivers informed!

Our app allows you to:

– Review routes
– Monitor alerts
– Daily challenges
– Checklists
– Assess pre-journey fatigue
– And more!

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