Video monitoring and telematics for greater fleet safety

Are you interested in increasing driver safety and reducing fleet costs?


Preventing accidents is the best investment

Use our calculator and see how GoAwake can help your fleet become safer and improve its productivity

Fleet Size
Accidents avoided
$ 187.500.000,00
Saved per year

Solutions for all types of fleets

Our technology is suitable for all industries and vehicle types

corporate fleets
freight trucking
public transportation
machinery and custom applications

Advanced technology, increased safety, fewer accidents

By combining video surveillance and telematics with artificial intelligence algorithms, GoAwake provides a complete solution for safer and more productive fleets.

Custom Indicators

Customize indicators and gain access to strategic information about your fleet.

GoAwake Portal

Access our exclusive portal for managers. View custom dashboards, reports, BI models and all the necessary information to better manage your fleet and drivers

Monitoring Evaluation

Define criteria for event classification and customize your flowchart of actions to be taken by our 24/7 control center.

Specialized Technicians

Count on our team of engineers, programmers and technicians dedicated to project work, implementation and ongoing technical support

Concerned about driver safety?

Let the GoAwake Safety Center help you!

Experts trained to monitor events and identify active risks

24/7 monitoring

Event analysis and validation

Actions and considerations in accordance with instructions previously established with each client

Real-time actions to remove the driver from the risk situation


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