Safety enhacing combination

The application of new technologies brings several benefits to processes across all areas of a business. In fleet management, it’s no different. Telematics and video monitoring systems, among others, add control and intelligence to jobs that were previously done solely by people.

Automation and data analysis represent improvements to management performance, but don’t eliminate the need for the human touch, which technology cannot provide. Combining the benefits of technology (speed, precision) with human knowledge makes it possible to take management of your fleet to a new level.

In this post we will highlight how human interaction with new technologies can lead to safer, more efficient fleets.

Voice alerts: Humanizing driver support tecnologies

Artificial intelligence systems are one of the main trends in fleet management. Voice alerts have been widely applied along with these systems, and have helped actively prevent accidents.

Applied to drowsiness detection or road risk detection (risk of collision, lane departure), voice alerts humanize these systems, as they are customizable to alert drivers of active risk in the best way possible.

GoAwake came up with Iris, our character responsible for alerting drivers when risk events are detected. Iris’s voice is that of one of our employees, making our systems more human, thus facilitating driver-machine interaction.

Command Center: Guardian Angels of the “other side”

When we say GoAwake’s solutions are always connected, you might ask yourself: connected to what? Or to who? Behind our devices, in GoAwake’s Safety Center, trained experts monitor fleets around the clock, prepared for any event.

In case our device detects drowsiness behind the wheel, our team is alerted in real-time and proceeds to evaluate and act upon the event accordingly. The human factor supporting our technology elevates our service level and keeps us constantly improving. Humans behind our system act as your fleet’s “guardian angels”, keeping an eye on your fleet from the other side.

Data to back up your decision making

Our system constantly generates data, uploads it in real time to our online platform, and automatically generates custom BI models and reports. This information can be used by managers as required, to make better management decisions.

By tracking key performance indicators, rankings, and other information, it becomes easier to identify trends and make more assertive judgments. Our technology provides important data which will become the foundation for continuous improvement in fleet safety and performance, but only through informed decision-making by humans

Customer sucess: insights for you fleet

Recording and transmitting data from our devices is just the starting point of our solutions. The human factor is necessary to intervene in real-time through our Safety Center. Experts analyze, evaluate, define courses of action, and aid drivers in adopting better driving habits.

That is why GoAwake’s Customer success team, in addition to day-to-day operations, also contributes to the development of reports and indicators custom to each client’s specific needs.

Partnership beyoud technology

According to Gartner, a highly recognized technology consulting firm, the human factor is today and will remain the predominant aspect in innovative technologies such as analytics and artificial intelligence.

That is why at GoAwake we don’t just sell our software and equipment. Our commitment is to efficiently deliver our solutions and ensure that they are working for your company the way you need them to.

At GoAwake, we consider technology a catalyst for more efficient human beings, raising awareness and safety levels. Let us help you transform your company. Contact us!