Yellow May: traffic safety, in the eyes of those who know best

This past month of May, due to the Yellow May campaign, was a time to rethink practices behind the wheel and in fleet management, always aiming for safer behaviors in traffic.

However, more than just discussing new technologies and solutions for more efficient fleet management and driver safety, us here at GoAwake decided to turn our eyes to those who are getting things done: our customers.

To show how this is put into practice, we brought together executives and professionals who have adopted our solutions to share their points of view, tips and experience in preventing accidents and mitigating risk on the road.

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“We take care of an operation with about a hundred vehicles, which operate 24 hours a day transporting timber, with at least three drivers per vehicle. We found in GoAwake the degree of precision and customization necessary to reduce accidents.”

Daniel do Amaral Queiroz, former security engineer at a transportation and logistics company that serves several sectors in the country. 

Promoting safety and ensuring best practices in fleets with large numbers of vehicles can be extremely complex – which is why investing in robust and innovative technologies makes all the difference.

One of the largest logistics companies in Brazil managed to transform its management structure, bringing unprecedented layers of control and prevention for its drivers, monitoring risk behaviors for drivers, such as: cell phone use, tiredness and drowsiness , speeding, among others.

This information, in alignment with the embedded intelligence of our solutions, served as the basis for proactive monitoring, allowing the company’s teams to intervene with the necessary advance notice, preventing accidents and saving lives.

” I thank GoAwake’s team greatly, in recognition of the effort and commitment towards this fleet video monitoring project.”

Carlaily Claudinei de Melo, Mosaic Mine Operationsguard Manager. 

Mosaic Fertilizers invested in technology to reinforce its approximately 100 vehicle fleet’s safety, using GoAwake’s solutions. Bringing together technology and intelligence to monitor and establish good practices, the company raised its operation to a entirely new level of safety.

With GoAwake’s support, Mosaic implemented an advanced video monitoring solution, which allows detecting situations of distraction or drowsiness while driving, notifying drivers in real time, as well as BIs and data indicators to support decision making.

Attitudes such as Mosaic’s help fleets to be much more protected, with attentive and responsible employees – and this is what Yellow May is all about!

“In our company, we usually call GoAwake’s fatigue camera a “guardian angel”. It is the companion that protects drivers throughout their journey, ensuring that everyone returns to their homes alive after a day of work exposed to the dangers of traffic.”

Daniel do Amaral Queiroz, former security engineer at a transportation and logistics company that serves several sectors in the country.

This Yellow May, our main goals are raising awareness and developing good driving habits.

For our customers, video monitoring solutions are an important ally in fleet oversight and encouraging safer and more responsible driving.

And the data is there to prove it, as our customers have obtained significant results:

• Zero vehicle tip-overs
• Reduction in tickets and speeding violations
• Mitigation of fatigue-related risks.

The bottom line is simple: technology, combined with the creation of models aimed at security, makes all the difference. More than a piece of equipment, cameras are becoming travel companions who take care of drivers and avoid risky situations.

“We have a comprehensive and optimized control of our processes, integrating monitoring and telemetry for an agile acquisition of information, all with satellite monitoring. We want to reap all the benefits that these technologies can bring us”.

Filadelfio Alencar, logistics analyst at Suzano Três Lagoas.

Suzano, one of the largest forestry players in Brazil, reinforced the safety management of approximately 600 vehicles and equipment in its operations. 

Aligning technology and a robust internal policy, the company adopted GoAwake’s solution to

 increase knowledge and assertiveness in its decision making. They now have cameras for detecting drivers’ fatigue and monitoring vehicles’ surroundings, assisting management and those behind the wheel. 

Different views, build your own! 

Fleet management is specific to every business. New technologies, internal policies, and employee commitment make up the recipe for a safer fleet, all year round.

In this post you heard testimonials from experts and some of our clients, illustrating how GoAwake transformed their business. Take it from those who’ve done it, start now!