GoAwake solution is used by renowned corporations in order to reduce accidents and improve their fleets safety. With this in mind, we invited Rodrigo Carvalho to talk about an important topic: traffic accidents prevention. In this article, check in detail how VLI, a reference in safety, is using our accident prevention technologies to save more and more lives.

RODRIGO CARVALHO: GoAwake and VLI connected by the same goal: “Save Lives”

Choosing a system to improve vehicle safety is a difficult and even time-consuming choice. When it comes to life-saving technologies, there is no room for errors. The solution must be provided by an experienced and agile provider.

It was an honor and a pleasure for us when VLI selected GoAwake solutions to prevent accidents caused by fatigue and distraction.  This giant of the logistic industry transports millions of tons of agricultural products, steel and manufactured goods through an integrated network of terminals, railways and ports.

The purpose of the deployed system is to increase operations safety, especially for the heavy fleet dedicated to longer trips. For this reason, the deployment of the solution started with 287 trucks of the company that travel from Palmas, Tocantins, to Guará, São Paulo, carrying agricultural cargo.

VLI uses GoAwake to monitor signs of inadequate driver behaviors (such as the use of cell phone, the consumption of cigarettes) and unsafe behaviors (for instance, signs of drowsiness, closed eyes, and yawning). 

On detecting signs of risk, the system issues audible alerts in real time for the driver and sends the logs of the occurrences to GoAwake Safety Center (GAS), our 24/7 monitoring center. Based on computing, communication and intelligence concepts, and in accordance with the fleet policy of each company, the central office dedicates a team of highly qualified professionals to monitor the system alerts 24 hours a day, identifying risks and taking fast and efficient measures.

On the GoAwake online platform, it is possible to generate reports and BIs with information to guide VLI’s fleet safety planning, including performance indicators (KPIs), location mapping, times of the day and days of the week with higher incidence of fatigue situations, to control the number of violations per driver, and more.

With the support of GoAwake tool and the central office, VLI has extended its knowledge on the habits of drivers at the wheel, identifying the segments of the roads that cause more drowsiness, establishing the points to stop for rest and meals, and setting the appropriate working hours for each driver.

GoAwake is a technology designed to help managers to identify risks associated with fleet driving and take actions in a timely manner to reduce accidents and save lives.