Advanced Driver Assistance System. The name may not seem familiar, but this technology is becoming one of the main innovations for the safety of drivers and fleets. Using integrated and intelligent systems, combining cameras and telematics, ADAS supports the person behind the wheel, giving them more vision and information, mitigating risks and making travels much safer.

In this article, we’ll talk more about how ADAS can help your fleet, and how GoAwake’s technologies use this important innovation. Check it out!

Autonomous car technology at the service of your fleet

One of the pillars of technologies for autonomous cars, ADAS uses resources from cameras, vehicle telematics and embedded intelligence to analyze conditions of the driver, car and traffic, eliminating risks even before they present themselves.

Incidents such as infractions, bad driving habits, or even external risks (other cars, or pedestrians on the track), can be seen by ADAS, which can inform the driver in time to mitigate possible dangers.

A watchful “co-pilot” to avoid fatigue and distractions

For drivers who “face” the road alone, risks such as distraction and drowsiness can be fatal. To support and make travel safer, ADAS solutions can act as a “co-pilot” to alert you to risky situations. With the use of cameras and sensors, drivers can be alerted in real time, recommending a resting stop, or for them to return their attention to traffic.

In addition, ADAS intelligence can analyze real-time information from telemetry or from cameras around the vehicle, observing acceleration or braking patterns, or situations in which the car deviates from the road. It’s an assistant who is constantly vigilant to protect drivers.

Cameras: a much more comprehensive view for your drivers

Beyond telematics, ADAS systems have a decisive ally in protecting fleets: cameras. They can observe not only the track or the car, but also the driver, from different angles around the vehicle, giving a complete view of the journey.

This comprehensive look helps the driver to notice risks invisible to the naked eye, allowing for a much safer decision making behind the wheel.

At GoAwake, our ADAS and video monitoring solutions have varied setups, up to nine cameras, delivering different levels of vision to drivers and managers.

Innovation and intelligence to drive best practices

More than a tool to support the driver, ADAS is also a valuable solution for enforce good practices in traffic. With ADAS data, drivers have the information to follow safer behaviors, as well as being warned when they “stop following the script”.

In this sense, GoAwake has Driver Hero, an app that assists drivers, but also engages them, showing their driving patterns, pointing out strengths and points to be improved.

Automotive technology of the future to protect your fleet

The safety of the fleets of the future is preventive, and technologies such as ADAS are the latest innovations to protect drivers and give fleet managers the tools to take a proactive approach to the safety of their operations.

From robust multi-camera systems to connected and optimized apps, ADAS can benefit your fleet in different ways, acting as a reliable partner in protecting those who drive.

We at GoAwake specialize in intelligence and fleet protection technologies, and we can help bring the most appropriate solution to your business. Contact us to know more!