Today we will talk about a topic that deserves much attention. Have you ever felt tired or sleepy while driving? Be aware of the risks this can cause and how GoAwake can help you minimize them.

“Falling asleep at the wheel is one of the main causes of accidents with death on the highways. Around 50% of all traffic accidents are associated with drowsiness”, according to a survey conducted by ABRAMET in 2015.

Drowsy driving is a recurring problem in traffic that mostly involves companies operating 24/7.

A study conducted by Quatro Rodas Magazine conducted by Centro de Pilotagem Roberto Manzini and Unifesp Neuro-Sleep Laboratory in partnership with Creare Sistemas, proved that drowsy driving is like drunk driving. Click here to learn more > The driver does not pay attention to the road and ends up risking his life and the lives of others. And this can also have a negative effect on the company image and reputation.

One of the main causes of this drowsiness is not having enough sleep or sleeping less than 8 hours per night. According to some studies, sleeping less than 6-7 hours doubles the risk of accidents, and night rests of less than 5 hours increase that risk by 4.5 times.

Drowsiness can be identified by signs like yawning or blinking frequently and difficulty to keep eyes open. Double or blurred vision, loss of control of the vehicle, such as acceleration and inconstant speed or drifting from the lane, are extreme indications of drowsiness that can be fatal!

Once you recognize drowsiness, there is only one thing to do: pull over the car to a safe and enlightened place and have a strong coffee. Then, close the car windows, lock the doors, lie on the seat and sleep for about 20 to 30 minutes.

GoAwake has developed a system focused on accident prevention that identifies signs of drowsiness, fatigue and distraction. It issues audible alerts to the driver and the control center, as well as creates a log based on photos and videos of the non-conformities on the route. All these data are shared in real time with a 24/7 monitoring center, which checks and validates the occurrences and takes the appropriate actions for each case.

Meet GoAwake, our system for preventing accidents caused by drowsiness

Besides recording non-conformities, the system features a strong layer of data intelligence which enables viewing maps with the risk spots in the chosen route. This also enables the fleet managers to know periods or shifts when the drivers may be more tired, among other valuable information for decision making.

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