In a previous blog post, we have already talked about the countless dangers that fatigue and distraction at the wheel can cause on the roads. And, for those who are fleet managers, this is a danger that includes several other aspects and responsibilities.

In order to help professionals in the field, we have made a first-aid list of important points to prevent fatigue behind the wheel – check it out on this link.

However, the list does not end there: we have new tips for safe fleet management, avoiding risks for drivers and your company. Check below to learn more.

Invest in a robust fleet policy

Deploying a good fleet policy is the way for your company to eliminate risks caused by driver’s fatigue.

A good policy, based on data, is the right strategy: the collection and the precise control of data make it easier to get information on the routes, excessive speeds, sudden pulls and brakes, kilometers traveled, night driving, uninterrupted driving, etc.

Advanced telemetry systems can automatically issue audible warnings after hours of uninterrupted driving, so the drivers can take a break to rest. All this information enables the creation of smart plans to optimize the time and work of those drivers.

Intelligent planning, supported by technology solutions, allows fleet managers to establish adequate driving times, with no effect on productivity and no impact on the necessary rest time for drivers.

Ensuring the adoption of such policies also involves educating the fleet drivers. Fostering healthy habits and wellness care also reflects on drivers productivity.

Aligning best practices and technology makes it easier to find and minimize the risks associated with each driver profile, and this improves the safety of your fleet and brings peace of mind for the team as a whole!

Defensive driving: an ally to tackle the risks

Considering that 80% of traffic accidents are caused by human failures resulting from negligence, recklessness, or malpractice, driving defensively is key for a safe journey.

And when we talk about corporate fleets, promoting such healthy habits results in significant savings in terms of costs with fines, fuel and claims, besides preserving the integrity of employees and users of corporate fleets.

Look out for ways to supplement your fleet policy with defensive driving actions, such as always being vigilant, keeping both hands on the wheel, paying attention to signs of fatigue and drowsiness, stopping to rest for 15 minutes every 2 hours driving, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, and making sure that the vehicle is always in good conditions and undergoes regular maintenance, among others measures.

Remember: the job of a fleet manager is not only operational – it also involves educating the drivers. So, you must encourage and demand safe driving habits!

Technology: the perfect ally against fatigue behind the wheel

The use of intelligent systems to support fleet management can provide the ideal tools to ensure best practices for the well-being of drivers and to minimize accidents due to fatigue behind the wheel.

Innovative systems have embedded technologies, such as basic vehicle telemetry with video monitoring (ADAS, FCW, DSM, MDVR) and artificial intelligence, which detect the driver behavior while capturing internal and external images of the vehicle.

Today, having camera systems monitoring the vehicles of your fleet is no longer something related to cost. It is the opposite: through mobile and intelligent solutions, it is possible to have ADAS and FCW devices to support the drivers, where the cameras act as “extra eyes”. Some solutions embed innovative technologies, such as image analysis and facial recognition with DSM cameras that detect signs of fatigue, alerting both the driver and the manager in real time.

With so many innovations, it is up to the fleet managers to review and select the tools that best meet their security needs, always focusing on optimization, information, and support from technology partners to get the best results.

Have you ever heard about GoAwake G5?

Monitoring, intelligence, information and prevention. GoAwake G5 packs these and more in a compact and comprehensive product to protect your fleet.

Using artificial intelligence and video analytics capabilities combined with cameras that watch both the road and the driver, G5 system provides a broad overview of the vehicle’s route, analyzing patterns and sending real-time information to fleet managers or to the 24/7 companies monitoring center.

In addition, the solution features a dedicated camera that detect signs of fatigue or distraction of the driver (DSM), identifying drowsiness, and times when the driver “deviates his attention from the track”, such as when he uses the cell phone while driving. Thanks to G5’s state-of-the-art technology, these detections happen in real time. The camera issues automatic voice alerts, calling the driver to pay attention to the road.

As a 100% connected solution, such warnings are also sent in real time to those responsible for the fleet, who can take the appropriate actions. In extremely severe cases of fatigue, the solution allows you to block the use of the vehicle remotely in order to replace the driver or ask him to stop and have some rest to avoid greater risks.

For the managers, G5 also provides analytics functionalities, such as indicators and management reports containing information about the vehicles and the drivers, helping to deploy optimizations and make decisions to improve the fleet safety.

Check out our video to learn more about the innovative GoAwake G5!